Rekindled love of 35mm

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20130601-PICT0079-25When I first started shooting photos I learned on film and slowly was moved into digital when I began taking photography courses in college. I always felt like it was a money game that was hard to get into unless you had a regular line of credit and an even more readily available line of clients ready to pay.

I threw around the idea of developing film at home a few times over the last few years after getting burned out on photography. There was over a year after moving to Austin where I had very little desire to pick up a camera. I didn’t want to even pursue it in this very saturated market. For the next few years I opened my fridge and saw a bulk roll of Kodak Tri X 400 black and white staring at me.


I one day decided to dust off my bulk roller, and take out a few cameras.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have development tanks, reels, a loader, or the time.  I just didn’t have the passion.  After rolling a few rolls and popping them into my trusty Vivitar 400SL, Yashica 5000, and my cheesy Lomography Fish Eye I was hooked again.  I’m in love with film again and I guess the best part about it is that I can finally afford to shoot it when I’m processing it at home.